This simple task encourages children to spot the differences between Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

With a large A4 image of Florence on one side, and Mary Seacole on the other, you sit with a pack of cards which contain statements made by, or about, one of the two nurses.  The children have to guess which and explain their choice.  You do this by either reading out the cards or asking an able reader.  Once they have answered correctly and justified their answer appropriately they stick the card with a spot of blu tack on to the ‘right’ picture.

To give confidence to children of all ability you might want to keep some of the ‘harder’ ones to the bottom of the pack and ask the more able pupils to place them correctly.  That way, all should be appropriately challenged.

As a product, children might annotate 2 or 3 features around a picture of each lady, carefully choosing distinguishing features.