Over the last few sessions, the children have become familiar with the story of the Gunpowder Plot using a range of strategies from ‘A moving story’ and ‘Prove it!’ (see Outstanding Lessons), to role playing the arrest of Guy Fawkes (Smart Task). They are now getting ready to try a new approach called ‘Dear Producer’.  They are in role as film critics of a new YouTube video that has been produced for children studying the Gunpowder plot.

Their first task is to write down what details they think the film should include.  Ask the children to think in terms of QUESTIONS the film should answer as well as facts it should include.  With younger children you could scribe their ideas on a the whiteboard, or more confident writers could use the structure provided on RS2.  The point of the task is that pupils are able to compare another version of events with the one they already know.  By comparing the two the learning goes deeper.

So with the predicted ideas recorded on the board/sheet run the YouTube film .

Run it from 0.57 through to 3.00 – just 2 minutes of playing time. Show it twice. There is enough detail

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