With so much else to focus on in GCSE history you would be pardoned for thinking that this is not top priority. Rather than add to your burden, all I would like to do here is to outline a number of different examples of good practice in the hope that they will inspire even better ideas of your own. We all use statistics in our teaching and examiners often make use of sources containing data. For that reason alone we need to make sure that students are well versed, not only in how to interpret data presented in different forms but also in how data can tell only part of the story. Which statistics have not been included and why?

Cameo 1

Students study a line graph and a table of statistics of British casualties in the First World War to work out the total casualties for each year of the war. They study statistical information about the casualties suffered by three countries in the First World War, and have to calculate which country suffered the worst casualties in each of the years of the war. More ambitiously they try to ascertain if there is a correlation between the number

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