Teaching Stone Age to Iron Age at KS2

Stone age illustrationThe teaching Stone Age to Iron Age at KS2 section contains a series of KS2 history lessons  on all aspects of the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, which were judged outstanding by an experienced history OFSTED inspector. They also derive from a very detailed medium term plan  (see KS2 teaching Stone Age to Iron Age in planning section) which contains all the differentiated objectives, imaginative activities and resources to ensure progression in history. Probably taught in Year 3 to develop some chronological sequence to our British history studies, this Stone Age to Iron Age topic offers great opportunities to explore two major historical concepts, change and continuity.

It also allow us to keep posing the at all-important question; how can we possibly know what it was like so many years ago before man recorded his thoughts in writing? There is a wealth of artefacts and visual material available: we just need to make it more age-appropriate. It is a very hands-on topic but one that also encourages pupils to think about the spiritual side of life when man was not simply hunting, gathering and farming for survival. Our use of case studies of Star Carr, Skara Brae, Stonehenge, Danebury and Maiden Castle should bring this period alive at KS2.

Outstanding Scheme of Work for Stone Age to Iron Age

This scheme of work, judged outstanding by an OFSTED history inspector now links to all the fully-resourced outstanding lessons and activities making the teaching of this topic completely self-contained. Not only does it ensure that you cover all the significant content, and develop key historical...
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KS2 Outstanding Lesson on the Old Stone Age

Is it true to say that Stone Age man was just a simple hunter gatherer only interested in food and shelter?  Key Question 1

This KS2 outstanding history lesson on the Stone Age revolves around the reveal of an object found at Star Carr in Yorkshire...
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Why did they build Stonehenge? SMART TASK Key Question 4


Reveal slide 2 which is of the standing stones at Stonehenge. Can pupils recognise it as clues are revealed?

Step 1

Discuss the fact that it is Stonehenge and explain where it fits in time, showing slide 3 or using the BBC interactive timeline accessed from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/timeline/neolithic_timeline_noflash.shtml Now...
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Iron Age Hill Fort at Maiden Castle – KQ6

Iron Age Crimewatch AD 50.   Who killed the 52 dead bodies at Maiden Castle?  Key Question 6

KS2 pupils work as history detective Time Teams to solve the Iron Age murder mystery. They are given just the briefest of background information before being let loose...
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