As a rule, this site does not recommend the publication of short-term planning, preferring instead to focus on very detailed medium-term plans and allowing teachers space to create their own short term lesson plans.

It is not just me that thinks we have all become too bureaucratic with requirements for ever more boxes to fill. One of OFSTED Chief Inspector’s Annual reports singled out as two of the five features holding back the quality of teaching

Over-detailed and bureaucratic lesson plans.Excessive detail within these plans can cause teachers to lose sight of the central focus on pupils’learning….and

An inflexible approach to planning lessons –Some school policies insist that all lesson plans should always follow the same structure, no matter what is being taught. The key consideration should be the development of pupils’ learning rather than sticking rigidly to a format

When carrying out short-term planning, if required, there should be minimal copying from the medium term plans. Instead there should be simple cross referencing enabling the short term lesson plans to focus on the issues of classroom organisation and differentiation. These are key aspects and often make the difference between a satisfactory lesson and a good one.

Although no examples of a short-term plan

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