Grace Darling – KQ1 – Grace Darling: setting up the enquiry

This is the first lesson on an enquiry into Grace Darling: what she did, and why she was famous. The kernel of the lesson is a slow reveal activity which works really well on an Interactive White Board.  The key image comes from the front cover of Channel 4’s excellent  book on Grace Darling in the Famous People series.  Pupils are shown small parts of a picture, not the whole image. By working on these part/whole relationships, pupils really do develop their thinking skills. I am very grateful to Shirley Evans of Lee-on-Solent Infant School for sharing her teaching approaches with me and for C4 learning for giving their permission to use the core image from their excellent book on Grace Darling in their highly successful Famous People series.

Learning objectives

  • children make deductions from simple clues in a painting
  • they combine clues and change their minds in the light of new clues
  • they pose questions about the picture which will then be investigated

Step 1

This lesson introduces Year One children to a famous person.  The principal objectives are that children can work out for themselves why this person, about whom they know nothing, might be famous.  This will

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