Tudor England

Most schools are used to teaching this topic in Y7 or 8.  Although SHP offered Elizabethan England as an optional Depth Study for many years, there are generally very few resources aimed at the GCSE market.  This has now changed very quickly as the publishers presses have started rolling.  Already we have good-looking students’ books from OCR on the late Elizabethans written by Jamie Byrom and Michael Riley, so you know its good. I will be reviewing it shortly, but in the meantime I thought I’d let you know which outstanding lessons will be appearing soon.

  • Why were there so few Catholics living in England at the end of Elizabeth’s reign? (Full lesson)
  • At what point did a war between Elizabeth I’s England and Philip II’s Spain become inevitable? Full lesson. Students explore the overarching issues underpinning Elizabeth’s attitude to Spain before creating a tension graph showing the main turning points. Finally they test the hypothesis of Susan Doran who gives her view on when it became inevitable.
  • Schools wanting to preview the draft versions of the above lessons are welcome to contact us by email for copies sent at draft attachments.

Link between Elizabethan theatre and bear-baiting

This week ( September 26,2016) saw the scheduling by Historic England of several London bear pits so they will not now be built over. The listing of these baiting areas in Bankside near the Globe theatre has highlighted the close relationship between bear baiting, when...
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Elizabeth and the Catholic threat: Elizabethans GCSE Smart Task

Asking questions in history.

Elizabeth’s policy towards the Catholics: students use a graph to raise their own enquiry questions which are then researched. Working in pairs, students study the graph showing the number of Catholic priests who were either executed or died in prison during the reign...
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