Learning in Key Stage 4 history lessons is nearly always good but rarely is it outstanding.  Because we are so aware of the examination requirements and the need to induct history students into the black art of exam technique, we tend to do too much for them.  In this short section I am going to suggest an alternative approach which you might find interesting.  The points I am making are slightly different to those at Key Stage 3.  What is said in the Key Stage 3 section of the Learning Process is much more detailed and needs to be read alongside the advice offered here.

Point 1.  We need to work harder to make GCSE history lessons more exciting and engaging, so think about how to make the start of each lesson slightly different. Try to build up the idea of an overarching enquiry so the students can see where individual lessons fit in.

Point 2.  We need to vary the way students gather new information. Try to inject pace as well as variety, perhaps by making some aspects competitive. See 100 Great Teaching Ideas for inspiration.

Point 3.  We need to get students to use the information

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