At present there are nearly 80 ideas arranged in alphabetical order. You will see that a brief description is offered, kept brief just as a reminder. It is useful if we can develop a shorthand way of describing activities so that we restrict the need to spell everything out in the medium-term plans.  The aim here is to bring you a much wider repertoire of ideas than you currently use. We often stop using strategies we may have used in the past often for no good reason, so in many cases the ideas will simply jog your memory.

Some are more novel and these will usually be exemplified within an Outstanding Lesson. They are cross-referenced by a hyperlink to help you get a feel for how the activity works in practice.

Act it out

Pupils create still images to create a tableau of a sequence of actions (see Outstanding Lessons on Grace Darling or Moon Landing)


e.g. for a seaside holiday 100 years ago. Children sort images into ‘then and now’  to ensure adverts are free of anachronism. They then select images which would appeal to Edwardian holiday makers

Annotating pictures

e.g. of a seaside scene or

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