This section outlines the key indicators of progression.  The other section looks at each strand in detail.  We all need to understand what constitutes progression in history, but much more importantly we need to be able to apply this general awareness to specific topics and year groups.  You will find the next section called specific/by concept INCREDIBLY useful.  It takes each concept from the key elements and shows how it should be developed progressively during the Key Stage.  This way you know whether the pupils are being taken as far in their historical understanding as they should be.  This is crucial as progression is one important area which might be vulnerable as we move to more cross-curricular planning.  I highly recommend that you not only follow the advice there but also print it out and keep it with your history planning.  There is nothing quite like it elsewhere.

Key indicators of progression:

1. Ability to handle wider periods of time 

and within and between periods. e.g. how seaside holidays changed over time.

2.Ability to make links and connections between different areas of learning

Miss, this is like when X did Y, isn’t it?

3. Categorising ideas, not just listing them


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