Recent reports

Ofsted logoProbably the only way to read OFSTED’s mind at the moment is to see what they commit to print. By trawling through the most recent pre-Covid reports from November 2019 until February 2020, I have started to form a picture of the most commented on issues. In the posts below you’ll see a mixture of verbatim reports (where they are illuminating and interesting) and summaries (when they are not!) I will publish these termly so you can see any changes in OFSTED’s emphasis.

Excerpt from recent OFSTED report from 2021

As its impossible for you to know what comments OFSTED are making when commenting on history in individual schools, we undertake a systematic trawl from time to time to ensure that our advice about OFSTED’s...
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March 2020 inspection

The history curriculum is currently being reviewed. You and your subject leader know that current planning in history does not emphasise with enough precision what the school intends pupils to know, remember and be able...
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Report on leadership of primary history 2020

One of the key features underpinning the high quality of history learning was that history has a high status throughout the school, recognised by the headteacher. The subject leader attended local network meetings and time was made available for feedback...
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