The best way of monitoring students’ performance is to set frequent exam based activities, broadly under test conditions and then to mark them WITH the students using GCSE criteria. Students should be asked to IMPROVE their answer, there and then so that you can be sure that the key learning points for improvement have been applied.  Below, the focus is on using four different methods of monitoring. The first touches on using data on prior attainment which is dealt with more fully in a separate part of the leading section of the site. The second links to this and is called the four strikes approach. Then there is advice about classroom observation and work scrutiny. Overall, the key message is for all teachers to share aspirational targets with their students, to check their progress at regular intervals from the start of Y10 and for the subject leader to constantly monitor every student’s performance in relation to the targets set.  A strong department asks all the time: How well are we succeeding in meeting these tough targets?  What do we need to change to ensure that we smoke out underachievement?

Using data of prior attainment

This aspect is dealt with more

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