Learning history at key stage 3

Learning at Key Stage 3

This section of the site has been designed to bring greater variety to learning and to work towards making pupils more independent learners.  OFSTED's  recent surveys of secondary history teaching, History in the Balance (July...
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Independence History at KS3 and GCSE

Independent Enquirers

Learners can develop as independent enquirers when they are provided with opportunities in history to:
  • explore for themselves events, issues or problems from different perspectives and consider the influence of circumstances, beliefs and feelings...
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View of learners in history at Key Stage 3

With the increasing emphasis now being placed on the 'pupil voice', it is important that we make use of feedback from pupils to inform our teaching to improve their learning.  Whether this relates to curriculum...
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Roles for Learners: Key Stage 3

In addition to thinking of imaginative and motivating activities for our lessons,  it is often helpful to think about the roles give to pupils.  Dorothy Heathcotes' excellent work on the Mantle of the Expert...

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The learning process at Key Stage 3

Far from being 'just theory',  understanding how children learn in history underpins all the decisions we make in our classrooms.  It informs planning, differentiation, assessment, views on progression and, above all,  what makes pupils...

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