Given that there is no subject-specific data on history at Key Stage 2 this might seem a strange inclusion on the site.  Those of you who feel that there is quite enough use of assessment data in the core subjects will be relieved to hear this.  So I will just make two important points.  The first will be the obvious one about bearing in mind pupils’ prior attainment in English and Science in particular when matching work to their ability.  The second is more novel and is explained in detail below:

Creating simple data that you can easily use

If you look at the assessment section of this site, you will see that it is advocated that you use a set of core tasks which enable you to make a judgement about pupils’ achievement in history.  Instead of using the National Curriculum level descriptions to make your judgements, you use the terms ‘average’ ‘above average’, or ‘below average’.  At times you might be able to add ‘well above’ or ‘well below’.  This is then recorded so that you can make judgements about the number of pupils that achieve in each category.

This of course only compares pupils against each other

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