Teaching GCSE History: Britain 1890 – 1975

This section of the site bridges the old OCR Modern World British element and the current requirement for British history. You will recognise much of the material on the Liberal Reforms and the First World War, but there are now new lessons with full resources including PowerPoint presentations on the inter-war period, on the Home Front during the Second World War and the changes to British society that occurred after the Second World War. Because there is considerable overlap between specifications, no attempt has been made to treat topics in any board-specific manner. It will be obvious from the approach taken whether the lesson fits into source enquiry or is preparation for a controlled assessment.

The lessons here relate mainly to the OCR depth study. You might also find the Key Stage 3 enquiry on First World War recruitment helpful too.

Outstanding Lessons

Why was this World War One painting censored?

Students studying Britain during World War One, whether it be for AQA, OCR or Edexcel, need to know about censorship. This deceptively simple lesson asks penetrating questions which both engage and challenge. Students analyse one...
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