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A level history outstanding lessons

In this section you will find three types of lessons. The first is a series of fully-resourced and described outstanding lessons ,graded 1 by an OFSTED history inspector. There are then Smart tasks– learning activities withe resources and finally lesson ideas.

Th next lesson to be added will be on Elizabethan foreign policy and revolves around the examination question

To what extent had  relations between England and Spain deteriorated by 1581?
Students are given a range of historians’ views on this question and are then challenged to create a tension graph from 1558-1585 in which they assess the significance of key events as well as weighing up their knowledge of the various facets and phases of Elizabeth’s foreign policy and the views of her ministers.

Subscribers interested in early sight of the lesson can request a draft to be sent to them via email.

Hitler Youth AS/A2 task

This smart task uses one of the most frequently misunderstood Hitler Youth posters. By taking students through a step-by-step deconstruction of the poster using an animated PowerPoint presentation, students are shown the overwhelming importance of...
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Italian foreign policy-outstanding lesson

At what point did Mussolini seem to side more with Germany than with Britain or France? Students arrive at the lesson having familiarised themselves with key events of Mussolini’s foreign policy which is checked with a...
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Who started the Korean War? Smart Task

In this short starter smart task students are given two contradictory accounts of the start of the Korean War, both emanating from Korea. But which account do they think is more plausible and which extract...
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The rise of Stalin: 4 smart tasks

Included here are 4 distinct smart tasks which could be used in various combinations at AS and A2 level. They vary from laying odds on the outcome of the leadership contest, and working out why...
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