A level history outstanding lessons

In this section you will find three types of lessons. The first is a series of fully-resourced and described outstanding lessons ,graded 1 by an OFSTED history inspector. There are then Smart tasks– learning activities withe resources and finally lesson ideas.

Th next lesson to be added will be on Elizabethan foreign policy and revolves around the examination question

To what extent had  relations between England and Spain deteriorated by 1581?
Students are given a range of historians’ views on this question and are then challenged to create a tension graph from 1558-1585 in which they assess the significance of key events as well as weighing up their knowledge of the various facets and phases of Elizabeth’s foreign policy and the views of her ministers.

Subscribers interested in early sight of the lesson can request a draft to be sent to them via email.

vote labour
The reasons why Labour won the General Election of 1945.

If Churchill’s popularity rating rarely dropped below 80% during the Second World War, why then was there a landslide victory…

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Kristallnacht: Did the press allow itself to be taken in by Nazi propaganda?

This lesson starts by creating tension between what students have read in preparation for the lesson and a contemporary newspaper….

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LESSON IDEA: Why have there been so many different theories as to why Stalin carried out the Terror?

Varied and active lesson in which students: generate a list of relevant questions; prioritise their own reasons; role-play the arguments…

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hitler youth
Hitler Youth AS/A2 task

This smart task uses one of the most frequently misunderstood Hitler Youth posters. By taking students through a step-by-step deconstruction…

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vietnam war
AS SMART TASK Vietnam; why was Rolling Thunder ultimately unsuccessful?

When by the end of 1965 US pilots had flown over 24,000 sortie missions and wiped out 355 of North…

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Why was Anne Boleyn executed? Which of these seems most plausible?

In this short task students work out for themselves the key inter-related reasons why Anne Boleyn was executed. Using the…

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rosa parks bus
SMART TASK: How significant was the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the history of Civil Rights?

Quick ranking activity for GCSE/AS students Students are asked to consider the relative significance of 11 possible arguments that have…

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edward iv
LESSON IDEA: Edward IV was more successful as a king in his second reign than his first’. How far do you agree with this view?’

Activities 1. Introductory. Brainstorm Edward’s achievements and failures. 2. Provide students with cards for them to place on a spectrum…

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Why did Bolshevism survive in Russia between 1917 and 1924? SMART TASK AS-A2

This task asks students to investigate the perplexing question as to why the Bolshevik regime was able to survive from…

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Italian foreign policy-outstanding lesson

At what point did Mussolini seem to side more with Germany than with Britain or France? Students arrive at the…

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‘Gladstone’s conversion to Home Rule was a calculated political act’. Assess the validity of this claim

Start by posing the question as a puzzle to be solved. Why would Gladstone convert so suddenly to Home Rule…

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korean war
Who started the Korean War? Smart Task

In this short starter smart task students are given two contradictory accounts of the start of the Korean War, both…

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Was Hitler totally responsible for the Second World War?

This smart task looks deceptively simple, and should serve as a useful introduction, leading on to some sophisticated analysis exploring…

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henry Vii
AS/A2 SMART TASK Threats to Henry VII, a living graph

Students create event cards for homework by way of preparation for creating a multi strand living graph showing the degree…

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marshall plan logo
The Marshall Plan: How should we interpret it? Just how philanthropic was it?

The activities in this very varied lesson ask students to raise questions, place sources on a continuum, add analysis to…

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cold war leaders
AS/A2 SMART TASK Did the ending of the Second World War make the Cold War inevitable?

In order for students to form their own view on this challenging question they read, discuss, sort and then place…

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The rise of Stalin: 4 smart tasks

Included here are 4 distinct smart tasks which could be used in various combinations at AS and A2 level. They…

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