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The Blitz 80 years on

On the night of 14 November 1940, 80 years ago, one of the most infamous aerial attacks of all time occurred when a Luftwaffe air raid devastated the city of Coventry. The operation, called 'Moonlight Sonata'...
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Spectacular Bronze Age finds

Among the items found this week in Peebles in Scotland were a complete horse harness, preserved by the soil, and a sword that have been dated as being from 1000 to 900 BC. They also...
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Linking your early civilizations at KS2

There is a real and present danger in KS2 of failing to make links between topics. If we are not careful, topics become silos, seen as separate entities. Much better to make as many links...
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What are our toys like today? KQ1

Because the toys children in your school play with may vary significantly from those in other schools we have decided not to produce generic resources for this. Our Teachers' Panel recommended that YR and Y1...
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What inspectors report on in deep dive history inspections: a recent example with my commentary from 2020

What the inspectors said  Commentary
Pupils in your school thoroughly enjoy learning history.   They like the enquiry-based approach you take to learning in the history curriculum, as they learn to ask and answer questions about... Read more

Key ideas in primary history

When we are teaching 11 subjects it is often difficult to catch the essence of each. If we're not careful we can simply deliver the scheme of work very professionally but miss passing on the...
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Remembering VE Day

In these difficult times when schools are not in session it will not be possible to commemorate the ending of the Second World War with our primary-age children in the way you might have planned....
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Ending Pay per Post

As of 6 pm this evening we have disabled the pay Per Post facility which enabled non-subscribers to purchase individual items. We originally introduced this facility a few years ago as a response to teachers'...
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