kenilworth castleThis is a great topic. Not only does it make the Homes topic really come alive, but it also helps low attaining pupils to grasp what really old means. The contrasts with the present are so clear-cut that all can get involved. And they love it! Build in a visit and the whole topic takes off! In the medium term planning section you can find Sarisbury Infant School’s attempt to integrate a range of subjects. What I like about this school’s planning is the way they bring in subjects at the most appropriate time. They plan as a flow diagram, not a spider diagram, which helps so much to see the topic from the learners’ perspective not the teacher’s brainstorm.

Using role play area when teaching Castles at KS1

There are at least 6 ways you can help young children make sense of the past using your role play…

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Can we help our American millionaire to make his castle come alive? SMART TASK

This activity uses the idea of the Mantle of the Expert to engage children in a serious, real-life task.  A…

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Spying on your rival lord’s latest new castle

This is a really fun way of helping children to look closely at the detail of a medieval castle.  They…

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