In the Middle Ages physicians used to carry with them a series of cards which helped them with diagnosis and cure. It was called a vade mecum-literally ‘go with me’.

It occurred to me that you might find something similar helpful in your role. So, I have set about creating a set of A4 cards that you could download and keep in a separate folder. They would be concise, visual summaries at your fingertips.

No substitute for the more in-depth articles on the site that flesh out the all-important detail, they should prove a handy guide as you go about your work and are designed to be copied and given to colleagues as and when you feel it appropriate.

Keeping up-to-date with developments in primary history – February 2023

Every few years, the Primary wing of the Historical Association carry out a survey of primary schools to see what…

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Place of knowledge
The Place of Knowledge In Primary History

The place of knowledge shows how substantive and disciplinary knowledge intertwine. They need to be seen together, a continuous interplay….

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Seeing The Big Picture

Seeing the Big Picture encapsulates the essence of the subject showing how all the key aspects that make up the…

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Power of knowledge
How Helpful Is The Theory Of Powerful Knowledge?

How helpful is the theory of powerful knowledge? summarises the reasons why knowledge is important: not just finger-tip knowledge that…

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