Assessment in Foundation subjects is not well-developed, and is nearly always found wanting in successive OFSTED reports. When assessment in the Core dominates is it really that surprising that teachers don’t have the time or expertise to assess in history? This section of the site recognises that it is not a top priority for schools, but argues that a simple, manageable system such as the one advocated here can help teachers assess with confidence. This would not be for OFSTED or the DFE but for the pupils themselves. If we can work out what they can and cannot do, using simple diagnostic tasks, then we can show the children what they need to do in order to improve.

The following principles should be borne in mind when putting any system into place.

  1. Think carefully about why you are assessing and who will benefit.
  2. Assessment must be manageable and it must be obvious to all how it will improve teaching and learning. Anything too complex will simply not be used.
  3. Your best starting point is to look at which of the key elements you are going to focus on in each topic of over five hours.
  4. Make sure this gives you
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