Teaching GCSE History – USA 1900-1990

Outstanding GCSE history lessons on America

You will be on largely familiar ground here, but you will love the new approaches to the 1920s and the New Deal updated for the new 2016 GCSE curriculum. Students are campaign managers for the 1936 election, counsel for the prosecution of Roosevelt’s New Deal and analysers of adverts about women in the 1920s. As more specifications now feature a detailed study of post-war America, you will find the very best of the old Edexcel Divided Union topic, alongside new material on social change.

This section currently focuses mainly on the earlier period. More lessons on the post-45 era will appear soon. You might like to look at the International Relations 1945-2005 section for the lessons looking at US involvement in the Cold War and Vietnam.

Hoover’s rubbish: Roosevelt moves in

This lesson on a fairly familiar theme approaches GCSE cartoon analysis in a different way.  Instead of showing the students the cartoon they are to interpret, they are simply given an outline, without the detail...
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Teaching USA 1900-1990 to Key Stage 4

The first batch of lessons focuses on four examination favourites but each adds a different subtle twist that lifts the lesson and makes students much more active and involved in their learning. The lesson on the...
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Rosa Parks – the true story

This open-ended enquiry explores one of the most abiding stories of American Civil Rights. Students are invited to advise a film director on what actually happened in Montgomery in December 1955.  They are introduced to...
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