As most courses are a blend of SHP and Modern World and there will be at least two new topics you were not formerly teaching, you know where you needed to start our long-term planning. But have you organised the topics into the most coherent course possible? Will you leave the new medieval topics and early modern courses until we have a full set of GCSE teaching resources? Which topics are best suited to start Y9/Y10? Will we give each topic equal teaching time? Given that the courses are now linear, how much time to do need for revision?

For the legacy courses, these questions are still worth asking about your KS4 curriculum model

1. Are there good reasons why you do not complete all coursework by the end of year 10? Is this based on any empirical evidence?

2. Have you carefully estimated how much time each module requires, relating this to mark distribution, or have you simply made small adjustments up or down from previous practice?

3. Have you asked students whether the order of the modules is right for them?

4. Have you considered the issue of chronology? This may not mean teaching in chronological order.


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