Independent Enquirers

Learners can develop as independent enquirers when they are provided with opportunities in history to:

  • explore for themselves events, issues or problems from different perspectives and consider the influence of circumstances, beliefs and feelings on decisions
  • make personal judgements about the relevance and value of information, constructing with evidence their own, reasoned arguments to support conclusions
  • investigate with increasing independence, devising their own questions and hypotheses to investigate different historical questions and issues.

It is all very well to talk about increasing independence but how do we achieve it? Probably the best place to go is the part of the site called Learning.

Creative Thinkers

Learners can develop as creative thinkers when they are provided with opportunities in history to:

  • generate ideas about the relationships between causes and consequences, change and continuity, and consider alternative interpretations
  • suggest connections between different aspects of the past
  • construct and evaluate alternative and imaginative solutions when seeking answers to historical questions
  • develop the confidence to generate ideas and challenge their own and others’ assumptions.

The best place for practical guidance is the Creativity section of curriculum.

Team Workers

Learners can develop as team workers when they are provided with opportunities in history

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