Highly Rated History Teaching

Keystage History Online now regularly receives over 12,000 visits a month. Over the last 6 weeks the pages that have proved the most popular, attracting over 500 unique visitors each are the lessons on Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Grace Darling

Common assessment tasks in history at KS1

It is often difficult knowing how to assess pupils’ historical thinking at KS1. Are we simply testing literacy and /or recall? But what about historical understanding? Faced with this problem, I have been working with two large London primary schools. We have developed a number...
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Medium-term planning for history at Key Stage 1

This part of the site contains a dozen detailed fully-developed enquiry-led, key question-driven medium term plans for all the major KS1 history -led topics. They have all been judged to be outstanding by an experienced OFSTED history inspector. All the recent ones have the added...
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Curriculum models for KS1 history

It seems a logical extension of the advice on long-term planning of the curriculum to offer you some models of what it might look like. As you know, the devil is in the detail.  You won't see vast differences from a model produced say 20...
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Help Tom to fight the Great Fire

This ICT based lesson draws heavily on the superb new website created as a joint enterprise by the National Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of London and London Fire Brigade Museum. It appears on the Learning Curve section of the National Archives site.  The...

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History Teaching Smart Tasks for Key Stage 1

This section of the site look at smart tasks: short enquiry-led thinking skills activities. Unlike the outstanding lessons section, they do not attempt to offer a lesson plan but do offer a fully-resourced activity with clear learning objectives that can be used flexibly at different...
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‘100’ great ideas for teaching history at KS 1

At present there are nearly 80 ideas arranged in alphabetical order. You will see that a brief description is offered, kept brief just as a reminder. It is useful if we can develop a shorthand way of describing activities so that we restrict the need...
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Gunpowder Plot Smart Task: Dear producer

Over the last few sessions, the children have become familiar with the story of the Gunpowder Plot using a range of strategies from ‘A moving story' and 'Prove it!' (see Outstanding Lessons), to role playing the arrest of Guy Fawkes (Smart Task). They are now...
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