The approach offered on this site is only one of many you might know, or even use. Heaven forbid that teaching should ever be done to formula, but in my experience there are a number of phases a lesson might go through to achieve its objectives. The order of these stages is important. What is offered below is a simple description and explanation of each phase.  Many infant colleagues I have worked with have found it really helpful to have the 6 steps shown clearly on one side of A4 until they become second nature.

Stage 1: Hooking them in

This is where you motivate the pupils.  Sometimes this will be by using a novel starter, a dramatic story, a mystery object or an intriguing picture slowly revealed.  It might also be setting up the enquiry ,explaining what pupils will have achieved at the end of the sessions and whetting their appetite by describing an imaginative way of recording their findings.  By the end of three sessions we will be making a movie!  in which you will be the actors !  See Outstanding Lesson on Man’s First Moon landing for an example of this.

Stage 2: Gathering information

This is

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