With the current National Curriculum for history, schools have had to make some major changes to the structure as well as content of their curriculum. Now, you not only need to decide which totally new non-Western studies you will cover (Benin , Islam or Maya) but also which order to teach the topics in.

Should you start in Year 3 with Stone Age to Iron Age or with Ancient Civilizations? Just how much depth is required to when you teach the Ancient civilizations other than Egypt. Just how much can young children handle? Should you teach Ancient Greece and Roman Empire next to preserve chronological order, or does it make more sense to look at Ancient Greece at the end of the key stage.

After all, it is here that pupils have the maturity to cope with their  complex political and philosophical , let alone their legacy. And then , of course, there is the small matter of where to locate the local study.  Even with the familiar topics of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings things are not simple.

Do you teach them separately or combined. It makes more sense, to my mind, to do the latter, not

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