Choice of specification and order of teaching

You will all been settled into your new GCSE course.If you’re thinking of changing it might be worth asking these questions.

Questions for you to answer

1. How do you know that the GCSE course you follow gives students the best chance to: a. enjoy the course b. achieve the highest grade possible?

2. How do you know that students wouldn’t rather study another specification?

3. How do you know your chosen examination board offers the best course for students across the ability range?

4. Have you thought, as many schools have, of offering alternative courses, either one SHP and one Modern World, or even a choice of depth studies?

5. How do you know that you are tackling the units of work in the best order?

6. How do you know that you are achieving the best coursework results by asking the students to complete it when they do? Too early, they may not be ready; too late there may be problems with completion and conflict with other subjects. I favour completing it all in year 10, I must say.

7. Have you experimented with trying things in a different way in

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