With the emphasis of school improvement and OFSTED inspection now firmly placed on self-evaluation this has become one of the most important sections of the site.  What you will find are a number of development grids and a series of questions.  The grids are designed to encourage you not only to reflect on your current situation but also to plan what you might do next in order to improve.   I suggest you use a highlighter pen to mark where you are in one colour and your development targets in another colour. That way you can see the journey ahead and how far you have travelled.

What do the development grids cover?

They are divided into four sections, from making a start to advanced and worth sharing with other schools.  You will find that you are stronger on some aspects than others even within the same topic. There are separate grids at the moment for leadership, curriculum and assessment.  More will follow.  I would suggest that you begin with leadership.

What other approaches are there?

If you don’t fancy the grids, then how about being faced with a virtual inspector?  In the file called Reviewing history in your school?

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