LeninStudents find Russia interesting, but difficult. At this age, many are fascinated by the different forms of political organisation this mighty country experienced. We make a significant contribution to citizenship when we take the time to explain aspects of political theory, as no-one else will do it as well.

The lessons here cover the period from the downfall of the Tsar to the 1930s. You will find a history mystery, a way of helping students understand a political cartoon, (even though it is written in German), a role play involving the evaluation of the role of Lenin and an exercise in causation. The lesson in preparation asks students to lay odds on the successor to Lenin. Lessons on the post-Stalin period are also in preparation. Please email for details if you are interested in what’s in the pipeline.

Each lesson here attempts to take a novel stance. You might also like to use the AS lesson on Stalin’s rivalry with Trotsky and even parts of the A2 lesson on Draining the swamp.Reasons for Stalin’s Terror: how historians see it differently.

lenin airbrush
SMART TASK: Now you see it, now you don’t. A fun starter showing how Lenin and Stalin used the ‘airbrush’

Fascinating starter in which students have to spot and then explain the differences between three pairs of photos of Soviet…

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Rasputin's puppets
Downfall of the Tsar

This lesson, taught to a group of poorly motivated Y10 students followed a description of events leading to the February…

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Larger than life Lenin
Lenin the Final Verdict

This lesson makes students active participators in the debate over Lenin’s contribution to the Russian Revolution.  It comes at the…

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German cartoon of Stalin analysed image by image. See PowerPoint
Interpreting a political cartoon of Stalin

This lesson revolves around a cartoon annotation and inference activity leading to a detailed and authoritative caption. It concludes the…

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Why did the Reds win the Russian Civil War? A history mystery to explain why the reds were able to SLUG it out

This lesson encourages students to take their understanding of the events of the Russian Civil War to a new level…

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