This section ties in with the others on prioritising and monitoring and the message is basically the same.  You need to be clear about:

  • What you are trying to improve, and why?
  • What specific objectives you hope to achieve, and by what date?
  • What success criteria you will be applying to help judge the extent of improvement as you go along?
  • How you will know when you have been successful?

There are basically two ways to plan for the future.

On the one hand you will need to sketch out a yearly improvement plan showing the areas you want to target for improvement and the ways you are going to set about the task, including which colleagues will be involved and how much budget you have at your disposal. Factor into this the time you need away from the classroom, and any external advice that might be needed.  Schools all have different expectations of their subject leaders in terms of a subject improvement plan, but I feel that a simple grid is best, one that addresses the four key questions above, as the bare minimum, and then adding budget, external support, start and reach dates.

The second approach is one that is

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