This section is included to jog your memory about the range of outcomes that might be expected and to promote even more imaginative thinking.  None of the ideas here claims to be in any way original , but they might stimulate some fresh ideas of your own. My experience of observing over a thousand KS3 history lessons is that pupils tend to respond well and be better motivated when they have an interesting outcome in prospect.  By introducing the imaginative outcome you are looking for at the end of the enquiry, you may hook a greater number of pupils in at the beginning.  Please let me know of other ideas you have successfully tried.

Advice to film director

Steven Spielberg has been criticised for being historically inaccurate in some of his recent films so he has hired you to produce just one side of briefing notes so he gets it right.  What does he need to know?  What image do you suggest is used on the film poster?  Make sure it is accurate, too!

Analogy diagrams

Pupils will have been shown an example of an analogy diagram of the causes of the First World War, presented as a Sarajevo bonfire.

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