Having listened to an illustrated description of Amelia’s early life, pupils have to select suitable adjectives to describe her character using the odd-one-out options on the PowerPoint presentation to check their understanding

Learning objectives

  • Pupils are able to describe at least 3 revealing moments from Amelia’s early years
  • They can select appropriate adjectives to describe Amelia’s character and can relate early events in her life to the qualities needed to be a successful aviator

Step 1: Story telling

Using the text provided as RS1 tell the story of Amelia’s early life. At 10 moments in the story ( highlighted on the script), show pupils relevant slides from the PowerPoint presentation to bring Amelia’s early days to life. This sets her pioneering work in context by referring to how soon after the Wright brothers she became interested in aviation.

Step 2

Based on what they have heard, pupils have to consider which adjectives they would choose to describe Amelia’s character, relating these to specific events in Amelia’s formative years

Step 3

To check pupils’ understanding, pose odd-one-out choices from the PowerPoint presentation slides 11-12. Can they find the one that does not apply to Amelia? Take this further by seeing if

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