Scott of the Antarctic

Scott of the Antarctic KS1 outstanding lessons

Scott of the Antartic
My Year 2 class have been incredibly engaged while following the Captain Robert Falcon Scott enquiry, which is planned and resourced in such a way that children from all ability groups have been able to make progress with their history knowledge and skills! Emily Holdich, October 2019

Teaching Scott of the Antarctic at KS1 not only offers plenty of scope for developing a cross-curricular theme of Hot and Cold, Polar Explorers or Journeys, but it also is remarkably well-suited to a history-led study . Indeed it is one of our most popular and searched-for topics. The full outstanding Ks1 lessons and shorter activities provided here show how pupils can develop a good historical understanding of narrative of Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic, with all its highs and lows, and also asks questions about the sources that could have been used to document his remarkable journey to the South Pole. In terms of the government’s drive to instill characteristics of grit and resilience in KS1 pupils this provides a superb context.

A detailed enquiry question-led KS1 medium term plan, graded as outstanding by a specialist history OFSTED inspector shows how the lessons relate to each other.

Teaching Scott of the Antarctic to Key Stage 1

Those of you who are thinking that this choice of famous person seems to presage a return to an Our Island Story approach to heroes and derring-do, couldn't be further from the reality in the classroom. The topic goes well beyond discussions of bravery and adventure,...
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KS1 History Planner for Scott of the Antarctic topic

Medium term planning and planner for Scott of the Antarctic  KS1

This topic has been designed for Term 3 of Y1 but would also suit use with older pupils. It lends itself very well to inclusion within a broadly cross-curricular topic on Hot and Cold or Journeys....
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