This section offers a veritable treasure trove of imaginative tried-and-tested ideas which will be a source of inspiration for you in your GCSE teaching.

As there is some overlap with KS3 you will find that many of the explanations can be found there too. However, all you read below is KS4 related. The best way of finding out about the ideas is to see them in context. For that reason many strategies are cross-referenced to an Outstanding Lesson where they feature.  In such cases the description is kept to a minimum.  If you have great ideas you would like to add I am happy to receive them and will obviously acknowledge their provenance!

1. Advising the film director

Spielberg is producing another epic but needs to get the history right. You are employed as historical researcher. What are the key messages he needs to know about the chosen episode and characters involved to ensure that his version contains the latest research?

2. Analogies

Which do you use to explain ideas e.g. of causation? Some teachers talk of straws and camels backs, bonfires,  even volcanoes. Others use  the excellent option of asking students to create their own diagrams e.g. for Causes

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