There are a number of ways in which ICT is already being used successfully in history that go far beyond wordprocessing. The internet features prominently in most lists of current practice, but usually for information retrieval rather than evaluation. Imaginative ways of getting students to edit film, create their own and make multi-media presentations are now much more commonplace. There is still little use of spreadsheets or databases, however. What this section offers you are a number of cameos, some of which will apply to your specification and are ‘oven-ready’ for you. Others will simply spark off better ideas. I would like to acknowledge the debt we all owe to Ben Walsh whose inspirational ideas and publications have provided so many good ideas. It is hoped that the list of cameos will continue to grow very quickly in the months ahead. Although some of the references are quite dated now they have been included because they are still good practice.

Cameo 1:

Evaluating websites. This is a much neglected activity at Key Stage 4. Not only is it a high-order thinking skill, it also equips students with the skills necessary to make sense of contradictory accounts they will inevitably

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