When planning your history, it is really important that you spend some time establishing a strong rationale for your choice and sequencing of history topics. This is increasingly being looked for by OFSTED  under the 2019 Framework’s focus on curriculum intent, but it is also important that schools come up with their own distinctive history curriculum that best suits the needs of their pupils.

As this is such a topical issue, you might like to consider reviewing your curriculum in the light of a national focus on BAME issues. Are you really doing justice to non-Western societies when you have a chance? Have you considered studying Benin or the rise of Islam? What about your post-1066 thematic unit? How about looking at the issue of migration? I have spent a lot of time recently helping schools to reflect the cultural diversity of its pupils. So for a school in Clapham we wrote a unit entitled They Came to Our Shores which looked at migration into Clapham over the last 1000 years, ( copies available on request) concentrating mainly on post-1945 immigration but placing that within a wider context that showed how the arrival of persecuted French Huguenots at the

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