chronoEveryone knows that chronology is one of the key historical concepts pupils need to learn, and yet in very few schools is it given serious attention. Unless the subject leader makes a determined attempt to plan for the progressive development of chronological understanding across the key stage, it is simply left to chance. What this means, in reality, is that pupils have a reasonable understanding of the sequence of events WITHIN topics, but a very poor grasp of how the topics LINK.

Running timebox – First and foremost

Why Timebox teams? First and foremost, Timebox Teams should be fun. Behind the serious intent of improving pupils’ chronological knowledge…

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Timebox – KS1 Pack

Mention the teaching of chronology to most infant teachers and their eyes glaze over. Their experience is that it is…

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Fun activity on anachronism to help children develop a sense of period when learning about Caxton

Getting young children to develop a sense of period and an awareness of how different the distant past was to…

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