Ancient Greece

KS2 Ancient Greece Outstanding Lessons

A brand new outstanding medium term planner has just been added today 3 October 2017. It features 6 enquiry question plus a home study. Each question is now tightly linked to the existing outstanding lessons that many of you are familiar with plus loads of new smart tasks that you’ll love. For the legacy question alone there are 5 brand new activities, including evaluating a BBC video, analysing a story for evidence of Greek-origin words as well as a bit of healthy debating to discover the greatest Greek, and some fun with Under the Cloth , plan your own Greek legacy museum and decide/justify what images should go on a new set of Greek legacy commemorative stamps.

Because this is quite demanding stuff, I have chosen lessons on Ancient Greece mainly suitable for Years 5 and 6 and there are some stunners here. The lesson on making ostracons is a fantastic way into Greek democracy. Speaking and listening are massively enhanced through the role play concerning whether to support Pericles’ Millennium dome-like idea to build the Parthenon. Contrasting interpretations are dealt with ingeniously through the lesson on the battle of Marathon which also features an excellent history mystery. For enormous fun potential alone, the ‘Call My Bluff’ and ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ approaches to pictures and replica artefacts from Ancient Athens should win you over.

Planning for teaching Ancient Greece KS2

Outstanding new medium term planning for Ancient Greece, matched to 2016 history national curriculum The main foci throughout this planner are: Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes (especially the role of women); Way of life (contrasting Athens with Sparta and grasping that ideas flourished in a society where there...
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Ancient Greece: Short task on using Greek pots

What can I do with just one Greek pot in the resource cupboard? Collaborative and creative storyboarding At the core of this activity is the development of pupils' creative imagination and their sense of the past as evidence for just one object.  To make it work...
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Ancient Greece: Citizenship

This full lesson is a role-play activity looking at Greek democracy in the context of the rebuilding of the Parthenon. It starts with a link to the building of the Millennium Dome. In Ancient Greece, anyone who did not fulfil their democratic duties was called an...
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What was life like for women in Ancient Greece?

This simple lesson on life for women in Ancient Greece, based around a PowerPoint presentation, makes an excellent contribution to literacy and also makes pupils aware of the nature of evidence and the need to be careful when making generalisations.  The children draw conclusions from...
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Teaching history using the Olympic Games KS2 and KS3

We thought we would offer you a range of different cameos showing how the history of the Olympics could be imaginatively integrated into your current teaching.

The teaching activities below have all be tried and tested in schools and have been judged outstanding by...

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How to teach Ancient Greece to Key Stage 2

Teaching Ancient Greece in the 2014 history curriculum.  To all intents and purposes, the ancient Greek planning and all the outstanding lessons fit just as perfectly with the new curriculum from 2014 as well as the existing one.  The only difference might be is where...
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Ancient Greek vases: The answer lies on the pot

This KS2 history lesson, in which the decoration of a Greek pot is slowly revealed, features two cracking activities designed to set pupils thinking deeply, laterally and creatively.  It is based on the principle that pupils need to work out the meaning of an image...
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The Battle of Marathon. A history mystery

This lesson on the Battle of Marathon makes a major contribution to pupils' thinking skills. They are presented with a paradox.  How could the David of Athens beat the Goliath of Persia?

Instead of being given a  textbook account or a video explanation, pupils...

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Making Greek democracy come to life – a ‘smashing’ lesson

This is a really fun, practical lesson involving smashed pottery, writing in Ancient Greek through black wax and deciphering each other's writing . Pupils actually decipher the names of people who were ostracised over 2,500 years ago. Not bad for Year 5!

Learning objectives

  • pupils grasp the...
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