Ancient Greece at KS2

KS2 Ancient Greece Outstanding Lessons

ancient greeceTeaching ancient Greece at KS2 features a fully-resourced medium-term planner with lessons and resources  for 6 enquiry questions plus a home study. Each question is now tightly linked to the existing outstanding lessons that many of you are familiar with plus loads of new smart tasks that you’ll love. For the legacy question alone there are 5 brand new activities, including evaluating a BBC video, analysing a story for evidence of Greek-origin words as well as a bit of healthy debating to discover the greatest Greek, and some fun with Under the Cloth , plan your own Greek legacy museum and decide/justify what images should go on a new set of Greek legacy commemorative stamps.

Because this is quite demanding stuff, I have chosen lessons on Ancient Greece mainly suitable for Years 5 and 6 and there are some stunners here. The lesson on making ostracons is a fantastic way into Greek democracy. Speaking and listening are massively enhanced through the role play concerning whether to support Pericles’ Millennium dome-like idea to build the Parthenon. Contrasting interpretations are dealt with ingeniously through the lesson on the battle of Marathon which also features an excellent history mystery. For enormous fun potential alone, the ‘Call My Bluff’ and ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ approaches to pictures and replica artefacts from Ancient Athens should win you over.


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Planning for teaching Ancient Greece KS2

OFSTED-approved Outstanding new medium term planning for Ancient Greece, matched to 2019 history national curriculum and OFSTED requirements The main foci throughout this planner are: Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes (especially the role of women); Way of life...
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How to teach Ancient Greece to Key Stage 2

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