Columbus – KQ6 – How and why should we remember him?

Having seen the different ways in which Columbus achievements are still commemorated today, 500 years after his death, pupils have to sift through the arguments to distil what makes him so special in many people’s eyes. Using the ‘Mantle of the expert’ technique, pupils’ help is enlisted to recreate a 30-word plaque for a statue to Columbus that sits in London square.


Learning objectives

  • Pupils learn that Columbus has his own designated day,12 October widely celebrated in the New World
  • They can tell you at least three ways in which an even that happened 500 years ago is still remembered by many in the USA today
  • They can give at least two convincing reasons to explain why Columbus’ life is still celebrated today in the USA.

Step 1

Start by explaining that every year on 12 October countries in the New World, particularly the USA officially celebrate Columbus day as the anniversary of his arrival in the Americas on that day in 1492. Then show slides 3-11 which illustrate a variety of different ways of celebrating ranging from street part is to stamps, statues and songs.

Step 2

Now shift the emphasis more important question of why he is

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