For Primary history subject leaders it is very important to get a clear sense of perspective on self-evaluation. I f you are not careful you will spend your very restricted non-contact time measuring and not growing the subject.  Naturally you need to take stock of where you are and which areas need to be developed.  But you also need time to remedy the weaker parts.  So it is a fine line.  To help you make the judgement, this site offers three distinct forms of support.

Support 1:

A list of questions that an OFSTED history subject specialist would ask you.  You can then find the answers on the site!  This file is called  Reviewing history in your school.

Support 2:

Looking for the evidence to back up self-evaluation judgements.  One helpful file is called ‘How do I know about standards in my school?’

Support 3:

History development grids. These help you to identify where you think you are in relationship to key aspects of your role. These include:leadership, curriculum; teaching and assessment at the moment with more to follow.  The grid is divided into 4 sections.  On the left is ‘getting started’ which is where you

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