50 imaginative learning activities to use in history at Key Stage 2

Currently these top 50 imaginative ideas are just listed in alphabetical order with a brief description of each, cross-referenced to an Outstanding Lesson in which the strategy is used.  If you would rather search by learning style, you will notice a coloured letter next to the activity either V for Visual, L for literacy, SL for speaking and listening, ICT for computer-based activities, A for auditory, TS for thinking skills, and K for kinaesthetic.  If there is demand we may well refine this further.

To give you a flavour of what is on offer here, I have simply listed the 50.  For details of ALL 50 activities go to the end of the list where you will see the fuller description. You can also download this resource.

1. Advising the film director V, K

2. Asking questions V

3. Audio guide A

4. Beat the textbook L

5. Big point little point. L

6. Call my bluff V, A, SL

7. Creating a film poster V

8. Creative tension V, L

9. Dear producer V

10. Design a museum display V, SL

11. Diamond 4/9 K, TS

12. Envoys K, SL, A

13. Fastest finger first V, K

14. Gallery

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