This section of the site offers a few words of advice about assessing individual pieces of work and provides commentaries on actual examples of pupils’ assessed work from 2018 onwards. The items featured are nearly always the product of a short common assessment task which the school has introduced for history. The system works well: staff are pleased with its effectiveness and do not feel it to be unduly burdensome. They are relieved that they do not need to use NC levels. They find that using a simple way of judging, such as below average, average, above average, is quite sufficient in most cases, occasionally adding well above or well below. This shows pupils’ relative strengths in each of the key elements.

Key Points about making judgements

Avoid using NC levels. They were phased out in 2013 and were always next to useless for measuring progress in anything but the most clumsy of ways.They were far too blunt for marking individual pieces of work. So, good riddance to them,

So what do we use instead?

A system that works for your school is the short answer, in anticipation of promised exemplification that might never transpire. Be clear what you are

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