50 imaginative history learning activities for KS1

This ground-breaking section offers a massive range of ideas, arranged in alphabetical order.  Some of the titles may seem a bit esoteric but experience of working with hundreds of teachers has taught me that we need a short-hand way of describing activities, so that we can discuss and evaluate them without the need for elaborate descriptions.  Many of the activities, unsurprisingly, appear in the Outstanding Lessons section, so at times I have cross-referred to them as there is nothing better than seeing them work in context.

A sample of the first 8 activities are shown here. The rest are listed alphabetically  by title.  To access all 50, simply download the file called 50 Imaginative history learning  activities for key Stage 1. Here you will find full descriptions of each activity, helpfully cross-referenced to any of the Outstanding Lessons in which that activity features.

  1. Advising the film director Pupils need to cross-reference several pictures to come up with their own annotated sketched version to present to the director.  This must be historically accurate, perhaps a film poster showing the moment when the Titanic was about to disappear below the water. See Outstanding Lesson on this.
  2. Audio guide The modern vogue for
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