Pre-1066 thematic lessons and planning

ksh holdingIn this section we will be providing some more imaginative case studies which might ignite some interest and point you in directions you may not have considered.  One self-explanatory example is called 2 millennia of mass entertainment with detailed case studies on the Romans. The second (Example B) is called Don’t be Fooled and looks at why sources from all periods of history have to be treated with caution whether it is Bede and Gildas or testimony to the Saville enquiry regarding events of Bloody Sunday in 1972. Both can be viewed as downloadable resources. If you are interested in seeing , by way of preview, any of the materials that support these units, then it is best to email me directly for some draft material.

ksh holding
Teaching Pre-1066 thematic topic

What shall we do with Area 6 pre-1066 thematic unit? Here are some questions to ask yourself. Do you look…

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