Long-term planning at Key Stage 2

The advent of the new curriculum for history marked the most significant change in your school’s history planning for over a dozen years. Not only are there now more areas to study and new topics to master but there is also the galling issue of (possibly) giving up 3 of the most successful topics that have ever been taught in primary schools over the last 25 years! We should only be prepared to give up teaching the Tudors, Victorians and Life in Britain since the 1930s if the alternatives lead to improvement. I don’t think they have. For that reason I suggest you look to the thematic and local studies to be subversive and carry on teaching as much of these 3 topics as you can.

(You may also want to look at the Curriculum Rationale section if you haven’t done so. DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE Top tips for planning your 9 KS2 history studies. For each topic there are 5/6 key ideas that you need to consider before you decide on which topics to teach in which year group and which are the most important things to focus on.)

How do I need to change my long-term HISTORY plan to comply

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