This section of the site has been designed to bring greater variety to learning and to work towards making pupils more independent learners. As we all know, we are not there yet. The most common criticism is the predominance of direct input by teachers, with pupils having little to do beyond sitting and listening. There is a place for good exposition by teachers, but too often pupils are not given enough opportunity to ask questions, identify evidence and work out the story for themselves. This is often exacerbated by classroom layouts that do not lend themselves to pupils being active learners, working independently or in groups

Learning Activities: Key Stage 4

Most evidence of history teaching at Key Stage 4 comes from OFSTED reports which repeatedly paint a picture of highly competent teaching but rather restricted learning.  Students are taught effective strategies for answering examination questions...
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Independence History at KS3 and GCSE

Independent Enquirers

Learners can develop as independent enquirers when they are provided with opportunities in history to:
  • explore for themselves events, issues or problems from different perspectives and consider the influence of circumstances, beliefs and feelings...
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20 Imaginative products at Key Stage 4

This part of the site offers an initial short list of the best twenty products I have seen in the last couple of years.  Wherever possible the brief description cross-references you to an Outstanding...

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