KS2 Early Islamic civilization

KS2 Early Islamic civilization: The Golden Age of Islam

All the lessons featured below flow from the detailed medium-term planner ( Early Islamic civilization at KS2) which you can find in the planning section. Each has been chosen to help pupils not only to learn about this magnificent society in the Golden Age of Islam, but also to enable them to compare this society to what was happening at the same time in Britain at the time of the Vikings. A thousand years ago Islamic civilization bestrode the world. For Arab Muslims at that time, the overwhelming sense was one of pride in occupying the very summit of the global pecking order.

Each lesson in this topic is  clearly tied to an important historical skill or concept , whether it be analysis of sources, causation or appreciating cultural diversity. The lessons start with getting pupils to engage with the early Islamic society and to help them to grasp why this important topic is on the KS2 history curriculum. We then look at why the civilization grew so rapidly at the time, explaining how far it spread. Although much of the material is based on Baghdad in the 10th century there is also an important case studies of Cordoba. Naturally, we spend considerable time exploring the richness of the civilization and the legacy but we also leave time to work out how we know about this civilization when so little of Baghdad from this time is still in existence.

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Top 10 things your KS2 pupils need to know – Early Islamic civilization

Top 10 things your KS2 pupils need to know, and remember, about Early Islamic civilization 1. 1000 years of extraordinary…

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Planner for teaching early Islamic civilization at KS2

For many schools this is new topic and one to be taught with particular sensitivity in the 21st century. Try…

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Early Islamic civilization – KQ1 – Why should we study the early Islamic civilizations in school today? SMART TASK

One of the misfortunes of a long history of stereotyping and conflict between Islam and the West is that it…

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Early Islamic civilization – KQ2 – How was the Islamic civilization able to spread so far, so quickly

In this demanding but important overview session pupils have to work out from clues the key reasons for Islam’s growth…

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Early Islamic civilization – KQ3 – What can we learn about early Islamic civilization from the way they set up the capital at Baghdad?

Pupils are first asked to design a picture showing what Baghdad would have looked like 1,000 years ago. It is…

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Early Islamic civilization – KQ4 – What was so special about Baghdad in its Golden Age?

In its Golden Age, ten times more people lived in Baghdad than in London. So what was so special about…

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Early Islamic civilization – KQ5 – Just how amazing was daily life for rich people in Islamic cities such as Baghdad and Cordoba?

Pupils in role as rich Saxon visitors to 10C Islamic cities, have to capture the essence of these amazingly sophisticated…

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KS2 Islam -Today is anniversary of start of Building of Baghdad

If you are teaching Islamic civilization at KS2 you might like to watch a short podcast which looks at the start…

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Early Islamic civilization – KQ6 – Which of the early Islamic achievements has most effect on our lives today?

Key Question 6 consists of 2 Smart Tasks. Following a brief overview of the impact of early Islamic achievements on…

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