The Great Fire

Outstanding KS1 lessons the Great Fire of London

Our exciting brand-new outstanding Medium term planner on the Great Fire of London comes with a clear rationale and 6 enquiry-led fully resourced lessons.

The new approach looks at a very familiar topic in a completely new way, including three completely new enquiries which set it apart from the plethora of worksheets that have flooded the market. In particular, the opening session is heavily investigative and sets the tone for pupils working at history detectives throughout. Two new enquiries, which form key questions 4 and 5, look at the human impact of the event, an aspect often ignored.


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Help Tom to fight the Great Fire. Smart Task

This ICT based activity draws heavily on the superb new website created as a joint enterprise by the National Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of London and London Fire Brigade Museum. It appears on the...
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KS1 Star Lesson on The Great Fire

Why did the Great Fire of 1666 burn down so many more houses than other fires in London at that time?

In this exceptional lesson, pupils adopt the role of providers of a new plaque for...
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