Assessment and progression at KS4

Progression in history at KS4 – general

Little has been written about progression in history at Key Stage 4, almost as if following the GCSE specification would take care of it. As many of you will know, whilst examination groups set out...
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Assessment for learning at KS4

This section focuses mainly on peer assessment as I firmly believe that this is the best way forward at KS4.  Not only are the students usually more mature, they have also had the experience of...
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Judging students’ work at KS4

Most teachers, except possibly some  newly-qualified ones, will be familiar with marking KS4 answers.  It is far less tricky than it used to be, given the publication of GCSE mark schemes and textbooks written by...
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Assessment tasks in Key Stage 4 history

Now that all the exam boards make past papers available on-line, and that textbooks written by Chief Examiners all now feature typical questions and answers, we are not short of past questions to use throughout...
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