guy fawkesIf you are teaching about Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes or the Gunpowder Plot you will find the planning advice and fully resourced Outstanding Lessons provided here of particular value. The first lesson is called A moving story. Pupils hear the story of the Gunpowder Plot in different parts of the room before a final role play in the cellar of the Houses of Parliament.

You might want to follow this with an activity called Dear Producer. How we should tell the story of the Gunpowder Plot? Pupils predict what a TV programme should show and then evaluate a real example. Their comments are then sent to the television company.

gunpowder plot lesson
Teaching the Gunpowder Plot to Key Stage 1

Ever since the Gunpowder Plot was included in the Programme of Study for Key Stage 1, there have been howls…

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Gunpowder plot
Gunpowder Plot – Key Stage 1

If you are teaching about Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes or the Gunpowder Plot you will find the planning advice and…

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Teaching Gunpowder Plot
How did Guy Fawkes feel before, during and after the night of the 5th November: pupils do the thinking.

Getting children to think about how Guy Fawkes felt, before, during and after the Gunpowder plot. This simple task, resourced…

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Gunpowder Plot Smart Task: Dear producer

Over the last few sessions, the children have become familiar with the story of the Gunpowder Plot using a range…

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The Gun Powder Plot; using drama
Using drama to teach the Gunpowder Plot at KS1: a big hat, a lantern and a sleeping guard

You may choose to use drama for any number of reasons. You might simply want to recap the story.  Perhaps…

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Gunpowder plot lesson
The Gunpowder Plot : a moving story

This is an account of a lesson taught by Sarah Duck, now a Leading Primary Teacher. She combined high quality…

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guy fawkes
The Gunpowder Plot: Prove it using a gallery of images

This skilfully differentiated lesson places pupils in the role of detectives that have to find evidence to back up statements…

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Illustration of children with guy 1960s
Bonfire Night when Granny was a girl: Smart Task

These activities have been designed for the current curriculum, covering the past within living memory and commemorative events. The three…

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The gunpowder plot
Are you teaching your KS1 the truth about Guy Fawkes?

In many schools I hear teachers tell the same story about Guido Fawkes. Guy Fawkes was angry at the King…

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